Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Krabloonik - A Magical Exerience in the Wild

One of our favorite winter destinations is a an incredible pairing of gourmet delights and outdoor excitement. Krabloonik Restaurant and Kennel features exquisite dining as well as daytime or twilight dog sled rides through the mountains.

For over 30 years, Krabloonik Restaurant and Kennel has welcomed guests with game and fresh fish, an award-winning wine list and spectacular mountain views. Choose from such exotic and memorable dishes as elk, pheasant, wild boar, buffalo ribeye, fresh mountain trout and caribou. Signature dishes include Krabloonik's Legendary Wild Mushroom Soup, Classic Baked Brie with Lingonberry Jam and Bacon-wrapped Noisettes of Caribou.

All this is savored in the midst of Krabloonik sled-dog teams, leaping and howling in wild anticipation of the run. Dog sledding dates back over 10,000 years and heralds the first known teamwork between man and animal. Krabloonik is committed to preserving this honorable Alaskan tradition by creating a home for dogs born and bred to run and by sharing with guests the unparalleled excitement of sledding in the wild.

On the Twilight ride at Krabloonik, you and your family will be guided by a skilled Musher. The dogs are fun to interact with when they are waiting or to watch in action as they sweep you through the snow-dusted mountain valley. At the end of our night, enjoy a drink while you wait for your luxury transportation to take you back to your resort villa. An incredible mountain experience.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Around Town in Aspen

There is so much to do in Aspen, that you will never be bored, and everyone in your family will have something to keep them interested. Having seen and experienced much of what Aspen offers, still to this day it is wonderful simply to walk the history streets and enjoy the sites and local entertainment. On your next visit to Aspen, you might want to take your own family stroll and stop by some of these local favorites.

• Ride the gondola in Aspen or the chairlift at Snowmass. Bring a mountain bike, or ask the lift attendants for Frisbees and play Frisbee golf. There are FREE kids activities every Monday through Friday, 11 am-2 pm, from mid June til end of summer on top of Aspen Mountain. e.g. Arts & Crafts, Cooking, Yoga, Adventure Hikes, Carnival Games
• Play in the Hyman Street Fountain-Try the famous Ben Kelly Maneuver, bring an umbrella and see what happens.
• Hit the Skateboard Park--Near the theater at the Rio Grande Park. Bring a helmet.
• Take a walk through ACES-Down behind the Post Office, there's a gift shop and a nice walk around the lake. (not open Sundays)
• The Braille Trail-Is especially fun with little kids because it's geared for the blind, so it offers hands-on opportunities. It's up a few miles on Independence Pass.
• Visit the historic ghost towns of Independence (on Independence Pass) and Ashcroft (up Castle Creek Road)
• Rio Grande Trail-Rent/borrow a bike or roller blades
• Blazing Adventures allows infants and older on jeeping and biking expeditions. Age 6 and up can go rafting. Ages 8 and up can go hiking with parents. Also offers hot air ballooning, rock climbing, and horseback riding.
• Movies are available at the Isis

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

World Famous Aspen Santa Fe Ballet

The Aspen Santa Fe Ballet is something you simly cannot miss while vacationing in Aspen. From dynamic modern dances, to classic styles, this ballet is recognized around the world for its incredible productions.
Aspen Santa Fe Ballet enjoys year-round home seasons in both Aspen and Santa Fe. National and international touring is also part of our purview. Led by directors Tom Mossbrucker and Jean-Philippe Malaty, the company has made landmark appearances at the famed Jacob’s Pillow Dance Festival, the Kennedy Center, New York City Center's Fall for Dance Festival, and the Joyce Theater in New York City, as well as performing in virtually every corner of the United States. Aspen Santa Fe Ballet Presents brings world-class guest companies to Aspen and Santa Fe throughout the year.

July 31 & August 1 8:00pm

This stellar program features the finest ballet stars from around the world. The impressive line up includes: Paloma Herrera from American Ballet Theatre, Megan Fairchild and Andrew Veyette from New York City Ballet, and Lorena Feijoo from San Francisco Ballet. Special guest appearances by our own Aspen Santa Fe Ballet dancers complete this thrilling program of duets.

August 3, 8:00pm

Comprised of outstanding artists and musicians from Spain and the United States; Juan Siddi Flamenco Theatre Company presents their art with the passion and vision of today’s most unique and creative artists in the field of flamenco. Experience the mystery and majesty of Flamenco.

August 10, 8:00pm
Benedict Music Tent
Tickets for this event must be purchased from the AMFS box office: 970-925-9042
In their third year of collaborations, Aspen Santa Fe Ballet and Aspen Music Festival and School will present Twyla Tharp’s masterpiece, Sweet Fields and Jorma Elo’s Red Sweet live at the stunning Benedict Music Tent. Set to hauntingly beautiful Shaker hymns, Sweet Fields unites dancers and singers on stage and features an a cappella chorus while Elo’s passionate Red Sweet will feature the classical sounds of Vivaldi and Biber.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back Country Jeep Tour

One of the best ways to see and experience the rugged mountain beauty of Aspen and Snowmass, is to venture off the beaten path, and take a four-wheeling jeep tour. This is one of our favorite tours in Aspen which is a must-see when you are vacationing there, no matter what time of year.

This trip starts with a spectacular drive up the Castle Creek Valley. We believe this is one of the most beautiful valleys in our area. During this ride, you'll pass one of the oldest Aspen forests, a colorful field of wild geraniums, and intriguing evidence of avalanches. Following that, we'll stop for a short historic stroll through the ghost town of Ashcroft. After Ashcroft we head up Express Creek Road on our rugged ascent to Taylor Lake. On the way, you will pass through the high alpine flora and fauna and see some of the most spectacular views of Colorado's fourteeners, which are peaks that reach a tremendous 14,000 feet above sea level. Finally with a view of the lake, lunch will be served. This particular trip is through the Blazing Adventure Activity Center in Snowmass.

In order to make it an incredible family experience, you can also have a videographer accompanying your group, to film the exciting moments and gorgeous views. For more information about how to create a truly memorable day experience or summer vacation in Aspen, email us at info@lereveoc.com.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Up With People Coming to Aspen August 2009

Up with People in an independent nonprofit, which provides young adults an international and intercultural experience that teaches service leadership and uses the performing arts to deliver messages of hope and goodwill throughout the world. Up with People exists today to spark people to action in meeting the needs of their communities, countries and the world while building bridges of understanding as a foundation for world peace. For more information visit http://www.upwithpeople.org/.

As a result of our Diamond Destination initiative, Le Rêve is honored to be involved with Up With People by securing the destination for one of their summer programs in one of our three Diamond Destinations, Aspen/Snowmass.

Here is the recent press release from Up With People

A multinational cast of Up with People is headed to Aspen/Snowmass. Up with People, which has toured to more than 38 countries around the world during the last 44 years has announced that Aspen/Snowmass will be a tour stop for Cast B 2009. Their performance will take place at Snowmass Village Stage on Saturday, August 15th at 7:00 p.m.

The two-hour public performance is a dynamic blend of feature soloists, full cast production numbers, fast-moving choreography and colorful costumes. Audience members will be taken on a musical tour around the world and back in time with special moments including "Ballroom Blitz," a salute to reality television's dance programs and "The Love Medley."

Throughout the show, international cast members will provide the audience with a glimpse of their own national traditions and cultures through music and dance with musical stops in Europe, Mexico, India and Africa. Community service projects will take place on Friday, August 15. Up with People strives to become involved with local organizations and programs that are relevant and meaningful to the communities they visit and provide an opportunity for local students to join the cast members in the service activities.

While in Aspen/Snowmass between August 13 - 16, they will spend time participating in community involvement and service projects while staying with local host families.The sharing goes both ways...while families share their traditions and local attractions, the cast members share their experiences and cultures. Local families in the Aspen/Snowmass area are being sought to host the cast members between August 13 - 16 and are asked to provide local transportation at the beginning and end of each day as well as breakfast and most dinners. Those interested are encouraged to contact Cathy DeGraff at cdegraff@upwithpeople.org.

Up with People's visit to Aspen/Snowmass is made possible by Le Rêve Destination Services. For travel arrangements and customized vacation packages built around this event, or if interested in renting a vacation home and incorporating this unique opportunity to host a student and be a part of something altruistic into your family vacation, please contact Taya Paige, Le Rêve Destination Services at taya@lereveoc.com.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Theatre Aspen - A Local Favorite

In the heart of this community is Theatre Aspen, a local favorite for excellent entertainment. Theatre Aspen's mission is: "to entertain, enlighten, enrich, educate and challenge the residents and visitors of the Roaring Fork Valley through professional quality theatrical productions, new play development initiatives and a broad spectrum of education programs."

The Theatre is located in the center of Rio Grand Park, right ext to the river. During the day, the beautiful outdoor location offers views of Aspen Mountain. At night, theatre-goers can enjoy the beauty of the Aspen sky filled with stars. If you are from Southern California or another well-populated location, you have never known the beauty of a night sky in the Rocky Mountains!

From kid friendly shows such as Suessical and Little Shop of Horrors, to more mature shows such as Chapter Two, this outdoor theatre is a definite when vacationing for the summer in Aspen. With years of experience and personal knowledge, Le Rêve can create an unforgettable summer for you and your family while visiting Aspen.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Anderson Western Colorado Camp

One of the most amazing summertime experiences in Aspen is the Anderson Western Colorado Camp. Kids of all ages will get the chance to explore the Colorado Rockies like never before. If you are looking for an amazing summer camp for your kids this summer, this is the camp. Also, if any of these activities seem intriguing, Le Rêve designs family experiences and customized vacations, so that you can explore the amazing beauty of the Colorado Rockies while spending quality time with your family.

Here is a little more information about the Anderson Camps.
Each Session campers travel to different areas of our region for extended camping trips:

~Rafting on premier rivers in Colorado & Utah
~Horseback Riding in the high mountain country
~Mountain Climbing up Colorado's 14,000 foot peaks
~Cave exploring through miles of fascinating passageways
~Backpacking to scenic mountain meadows
~Camping near high mountain lakes and snow fields

During their out-of-camp programs, campers learn the skills of survival in the outdoors, and the importance of good conservation practices and protecting our environment. After a summer at Anderson Western Colorado Camps, Ltd., campers gain not only an increased appreciation for the beauty of the high mountain country, but also an increased self-confidence and self-knowledge.